About Us

Nestled in the heart of South Mumbai, near historical August Kranti Maidan,the sprawling campus of B.S.F.I.S. provides a perfect blend of International curriculum and Indian values to the students.By following world class Cambridge Curriculum for Grades I to X (IGSCE) and for Grades AS and A –Levels along with various leadership,sports and cultural programmes B.S.F.I.S. enables every student to unfold and optimise his hidden potentials to prepare them to be world class leaders and innovators.

Vision, Motto, Mission, Values and Objectives


To impart education by which character is formed ,inner strength is developed,intellect is expanded and students bloom in creative and imaginative experiences provided by stimulating intellectual atmosphere developed by nurturing teachers and latest technology which prepare them to be successful and fruitful citizens of the world.


Our motto "Educate to Excel and Learn to Liberate" is in Sanskrit language and is interpreted as 'Educate to Excel and Learn to Liberate'.


BSFIS Mission is to aspire students to be responsible world citizens with a healthy mind and body, engaged in innovative intellectual and creative pursuits with self-motivation to put forward their best efforts,have team spirit, leadership qualities and show gratitude towards nature and people.

BSFIS Values:

B-Best Efforts





T-Team Work and Leadership


  • To nurture and help each child to develop his full potential.
  • To support and encourage each child to develop a strong positive self –esteem.
  • To facilitate critical and independent thinking and lively curiosity about himself and the world.
  • To develop in each child sensitivity to the needs of others, be compassionate and concerned towards the world as well as nature and appreciate diversity and cultural differences.
  • To equip children with the skills necessary to live happily and successfully in a challenging and changing world.

Fast Facts:

  • B.S.F.I.S. follows international curriculum of Cambridge Board and students appear for various examinations conducted by CIE (Cambridge International Examination)
  • School emphasises learning by doing and child- centered learning which makes the process of education a fun-filled experience.
  • Outstanding performance by the students of B.S.F.I.S. allow them to secure admissions in top institutions of Higher studies in India and abroad.
  • Grades 8 and above, students are invited to attend summer camps at Oxford and one of the world's largest leadership programme called GYLC (Global Youth Leadership Programme).
  • Sports form an integral part of the curriculum and cricket, football, basketball, badminton, table-tennis,swimming, skating and chess are taught by specialised coaches.
  • Cultural events,celebration of festivals and special days and enrichment prograsmme enable to inculcate strong cultural values in students.
  • Students have brought laurels to school by their outstanding achievements in various inter-school competitions in areas of sports,culture and competitive examinations at state,national and international levels.