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About Us

Bright Start Pre-School was founded by an eminent child psychologist and educationist, Dr. Pragna Mehta, in 2004, to propose an innovative direction in early childhood education where children are respected as competent thinkers and communicators who are offered multiple opportunities to engage with a wide range of materials and resources to extend and challenge their thinking.

Why Bright Start

  • Early Childhood Education is imparted using the best practices and creative programs
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers proficient in early childhood development and education
  • A beautiful campus with all the amenities your child deserves
  • Student-teacher ratios guaranteed to be far low, allowing your child to receive outstanding attention, instruction, and opportunities
  • A lovely campus garden where children can learn about and explore nature as well as fully equipped play area as well as paddle pool
  • Stage and auditorium to develop confidence in public speaking and performances
  • Well planned field trips for better understanding of concepts and numerous cultural events and festival celebrations to enhance cultural and community awareness.
  • Specialized indoor and outdoor sports training and soft gym
  • Excellent communication and interaction with families

Bright Start pre-school is spread over 9,000 sq. ft. area consisting of 4,000 sq. ft. area premises, 2, along with paddle pool and 3,000 sq. ft. terrace with full scope for indoor, outdoor, creative, innovative and cultural activities. Apart from classrooms, the school has various special areas like exploration room, stage and auditorium area, doll house, ball pool and art plaza.

Computer technology is integrated in our curriculum. Bright Start faculty is trained in using technology to support content area curriculum appropriately. Our instruction is focused toward the needs of each child in an atmosphere that is emotionally and physically safe, academically driven and value based. We are dedicated to building character and confidence in each child.


The faculty at Bright Start Pre-School is all highly qualified and experienced professionals adhering to groom young children into active lifelong learners, by providing first class standards in early childhood education.

At Bright Start Pre-School, the teachers are researchers and innovators of stimulating and interesting methods of teaching.

Specialized coaches for sports and indoor and outdoor games develop sporting skills in students and talented special teachers for music and dance enhance children’s hidden potentials.


No separation anxiety

Child friendly environment at Bright Start Pre-School and use of scientific methods for settling children prevents the development of separation anxiety.

Developmentally appropriate challenges

In the Early Childhood Program, our teachers design activities which foster healthy social skills and encourage academic success through developmentally appropriate challenges.

Learning through play: combining teacher-directed and open-ended activities

The importance of children learning through play is carefully designed into the program. Under the guidance of nurturing teachers, children are given numerous opportunities to construct their learning through a combination of teacher-directed and open-ended activities. At Bright Start, children develop independence, determination and concentration as they interact with materials designed to stimulate the “inner urge” of the child to learn. Socially, they develop the respect and discipline to share materials and to help each other as they learn side by side.

Value uniqueness of each child as both a gift and an opportunity

We understand every student is a unique individual, thus, differentiated instruction methods are used by teachers to support each student’s distinctive course of growth in academic excellence. In our small classes, teachers identify the learning needs of each student and provide reinforcement and enrichment as appropriate to meet those needs.

Parent-Teacher conferences

Communication is an important aspect of our partnership with kindergarten parents. We create alliances with parents and focus on seeing children within a social-cultural context. Each child’s progress is formally reported to parents four times per year. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled at the end of every three months. Two are mid-term reporting periods and two at the end of each term. An interim report is sent to call attention to any particular concerns and review progress if required.


Reading, language arts, math, science and social studies, effective critical thinking and problem solving skills

We provide a stimulating environment for children to explore, interact, and investigate, thus helping them to learn about themselves and the world around us. Our curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in phonics and early literacy. Students learn basic math fundamentals and use hands-on activities to develop strong numeration skills at an early age. Each Bright Start student spends the pre-school years building a strong foundation in reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Effective critical thinking and problem solving skills are developed as students are challenged to apply the knowledge they are gaining to real-life situations.

Our curriculum aims are:-

To develop

  • The child intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically
  • The basic skills of reading, communication and mathematics
  • Creative skills
  • Confidence, self-discipline and self-esteem
  • The ability to enjoy learning
  • Imaginative learning

To provide

  • An environment that is stimulating, caring, and supportive where children feel valued.
  • A well-structured, balance curriculum that will enable each child to develop to his / her full potential.
  • Ample opportunities for freeplay and creative expressions in various forms.

To promote

  • Academic excellence
  • Emotional well-being
  • Healthy association with teachers to achieve the best in each child.

Our school programmes include

  • Playgroup
  • Pre- Nursery
  • Nursery
  • Jr. K.G.
  • Sr. K.G.
Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program at Bright Start builds upon our philosophy of Multiple Intelligences, enhancing the education of the student. All students attend these weekly classes which are held during school hours and are exposed to these enriching subjects on their way to becoming well-rounded individuals.

Physical Education

Building confidence and better health is achieved through our physical education program as well as soft gym classes. Our Physical Education program offers a wide variety of challenging physical activities and sports. Team building and skill development at the individual, as well as the group level, are emphasized. Outdoor sports like cricket, football and basketball and indoor games like chess and carrom are taught by specialized coaches. Get Fit classes are held twice a week. The Get Fit instructor has a range of equipment, playful games, and lessons to help children develop stronger bodies and good motor skills. Soft gym classes further facilitate the development of gross motor skills. Our lovely school campus garden with water pool, slide, swing, see-saw, marry-go-round and monkey bars with bridge facilitate physical development.

Creative Expressions

Learning to express themselves through art, craft, dramatization, puppets, dance and music are only a few of the ways our students realize their full potential.Our garden plantations help children learn about and explore nature and extend their experiences to include a variety of sciences, art, music, and motor development.


Our Library programme introduces students to different literature genres, preparing them for scholarly work in later schooling and developing genuine interest in reading. Library books are issued on weekly basis and students are encouraged to read during school hours too.

Special Events

Musicals and Concerts

Bright Start family eagerly anticipates each year’s student-performed musical concert productions. Our audience enjoys each musical number that is choreographed with lively dance steps. Students grow in confidence with this experience and love to share their singing and acting with their families and friends.

Annual Sports Day

Every year, school holds an annual sports meet at Priya Darshini Park.The event is celebrated with zest and various competitions are organized to boost physical strength and agility in them.


Annual fun fair is organized by the Parents where various stalls of games and food and fun and frolic fill the atmosphere with joy and happiness.

Annual Picnic

One of the ways Bright Start nurtures a feeling of community is through the annual picnic with parents and teachers which is enjoyable and fun-filled experience for all.


National Days

Each year Bright Start honors and celebrates India’s Independence Day and Republic Day. The patriotic morning brings together our students, faculty and many family members. An old-fashioned Indian patriotic celebration with music and flags, remembrances and patriotic performances mark the days.

All teachers and students spend time discussing India, national leaders and learn to value and appreciate those who served and sacrificed.

Dandiya Raas

Bright Start organizes dandiya raas with parents and parents, teachers and students are soaked in festive mood as they dance their heart out to the tune of dandiya raas.

Grand parents’ Day

It is overwhelming to experience the unconditional love of grandparents towards their grandchildren as the toddlers enthusiastically put up a stage performance for their grandparents.


Various festivals like Raksh Bandhan, Janmashtami, Dassera, Diwali, Christmas, Kite Flying, Holi and many more are celebrated with great enthusiasm in school to develop cultural awareness in children.

Field Trips

Field trips are regularly organized at least once in a month with the intention of providing real life experiences and impactful experiential learning with joy.

Achievements & News

Students participate and win various scholastic, cultural and sports competitions bringing laurels to our school. This year our four students participated in inter-school Bal Mahotsav- 2015 and all four of them won the prizes under different categories.